Home Xbox XBOX Was Down AGAIN – Worst Console Ever.

XBOX Was Down AGAIN – Worst Console Ever.


XBOX Was Down AGAIN – Worst Console Ever.


  1. I play Xbox every day, all my games are digital download and I had no issues playing any games or signing in. You literally didnt do enough homework for this video. Not everyone was effected, more people had no issues over people having issues lol. I used to love the content you put out but lately its been pretty lack luster

  2. Hi dude thankyou for the video and i want to ask if the games with gold are also wrong specifically bloodstain because mine has race the sun instead and i am very confused. I love my ps4 and pc and only go on xbox somtimes, but every time it seem to be having issues WTF MAN.

  3. Damn if you're not part of the issue, then idk what is. Sure our service is down and it's stupid, but at least Microsoft is trying to move the industry forward instead of backwards. Cross-play. What a concept. If you have a PC AND A PS4 then why don't you also have an Xbox? Oh you'd rather pick sides instead of playing games.


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