Home Xbox Xbox Dashboard Evolution 2001-2019 (Xbox Original, Xbox 360, One).

Xbox Dashboard Evolution 2001-2019 (Xbox Original, Xbox 360, One).


Xbox Dashboard Evolution 2001-2019 (Xbox Original, Xbox 360, One).


  1. Original XBox 360 Dash was by far the best and my fave. I know so many people who actually stopped playing do to how difficult the New dash was for them to navigate. The original dash was much easier and fun to use. Now days its a cluster f**k. I personally don't care for it but it never stopped me.

  2. I miss the era of the 360 so many good games that gen and it easnt really until the end when we had micro transactions and half finished games I got my og white 360 on 2009 still have it now days you need to handle new game launches like they're radioactive it's sad I miss the game cube and 360 days :/

  3. The first Xbox One Dashboard was the only acceptable one, and even then it was still much worse than the 360 Dashboards. The later Xbox One Dashboards are painfully bad, they just get worse over time. Microsoft needs to fire whoever designs their Xbox Dashboards now and rehire the person that designed the Blades Dashboard.

  4. There was another update to the "NXE" 360 design. It kinda had the brighter dashboard design but the row/column layout. It didn't last long but it came out around the time of halo ce anniversary

  5. I just recently got an Xbox One X and I'm still confused when I enter the dashboard. Everything just kind of seems scattered. The best UI was the Blades and the NXE. Everything was so simple and you could navigate where you wanted with ease.


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