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Xbox 2 (2020) – The Future of Game Streaming!.


Xbox 2 (2020) – The Future of Game Streaming!.


  1. My bet for the next name is just Xbox. The reason the Xbox One is named that way is because it was supposed to be the all-in-one device to rule your living room. So "One" is not an iterative model number. And the reason I believe it'll just be called Xbox is because it will be fully compatible with all of your Xbox One games as well as many Xbox 360 games. And the other reason why it'll just be Xbox is because Xbox will be accessible through so many devices: dedicated console, streaming to all kinds of devices, PC.

  2. So its like a Steam console that stream game. LOL. good luck to those who doesn't have good ping and internet connection. lag input will make you think twice about buying an X box now. Besides why buy an X box just to stream your game when you can buy Nvidia console and stream your game since X box game is also on PC and we all know PC is master race.

  3. Wait so project xCloud just lets you have Xbox One games on the next Gen Xbox. Also is anyone else excited for the new console but also not because then they will stop supporting Xbox one

  4. Loved the 360 but the Xbox one was a huge disappointment to me. Unless they find a way to get better games I don’t plan on getting the next generation. I will get the PlayStation 5 because the 4 was awesome.

  5. If sony and microsoft will go on streaming games, nintendo or pc will clearly win the battle. My personal opinion. I wanted to get a xbox 2 or ps5 instead of switch or pc. Now i know my decision.


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