Home Xbox What the HELL Has Happened to the Xbox One?.

What the HELL Has Happened to the Xbox One?.


What the HELL Has Happened to the Xbox One?.


  1. Sony's PlayStation are playing the console game traditionally: great console, greater games. Microsoft's Xbox however are taking a new approach, a very sophisticated one – I don't know how to describe it. I need to see it in action for next generation.

  2. Microsoft is the apple of gaming and in my opinion couldn't care less about gamers just profits and would be a sad day for gaming if they took over! They are the snake in Eden!!

  3. I got an xbox one in response to Gran Turismo sport being utterly trash at release. I played Forza 5 once when my ex wife had a 360 and I enjoyed it. Now I play Forza 7, horizon 3 and 4. I’ve been more on the Xbox lately getting other games too like call of duty. Plus all of my friends are switching to PC so I have no friends online on ps4 anymore. The Xbox game pass also made it easy to switch to it. I might invest in the X

  4. well i mean i couldnt care less about Xbox as a brand… microsoft's internal game studios made good shit back in the day but im still waiting on my proper halo 3 port ffs… if it can run on an xbox one it can run on windows 10..

  5. The switch all the way. I play Pokemon on console and that's it. I'm not big into most of the console exclusives (some of which come out on pc within a few months anyway). The rest I play on pc.

  6. Crossplatform gaming, haha. Unless you have a game like Dark souls or Rocket League, where a controller on PC is a plus that is never going to happen. It's like two people playing a game of tennis, but 1 player has to play with a baseball bat instead of a racket.

  7. Damn he name dropped sea of thieves lmao. We will have to see how quickly they can keep up with updating their entire library with dlc content when they release new games onto the pass. No one wants to play new dlc later than everyone else if you've invested time into it

  8. I recently purchased the Xbox One X, I was waiting for one crucial thing that microsoft has now included, proper keyboard and mouse support, I am enjoying the titles and the game pass is worth it, I have been out of the gaming circle for a few years due to a lightning strike frying my rig, I was going to build a massive gaming rig in december however I realized that with the KB/MS Support and game pass I can A save a lot of money, B utilize my 4k TV with HDR 10 and for a fraction of the price, now with possible windows support I am thinking I should upgrade my rig as well, Xbox was down and out but they have pulled up there socks and are ready to play with the big dogs now.

  9. I own both an xbox and ps4 but I dont even touch my xbox any more becasue there has been no decent games in long time. the few games that seemed worth while ended up needing more than one player yet almost no one online

  10. honestly, I'm all against crossplay.
    If it's going to reduce competition between the big companies, it will hamper innovation and drive up the prices. The only reason Microsoft made XB1X into the most powerful console, while offering the cheapest deals on games, is competition. The only reason Sony is paying devs to produce titles that make history, is also competition.
    Once people start thinking it doesn't matter which console they buy, the prices will skyrocket and features will dry up.

  11. 5:45 Calling a foul: you compared an exclusive title with titles available on multiple platforms. That statistic is incredibly flawed as a result, as multi-console owners may have purchased those games on something other than xbone, whereas the only place for Halo 5 was a singular console.

  12. What do you think of the current state of the Xbox one? Where do you believe you’ll look first for your next console once next gen rolls around? Has your opinion changed at all this gen about these systems?

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