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r/EntitledParents [2] Now Your XBox is Mine.


r/EntitledParents [2] Now Your XBox is Mine.


  1. The first one made me so fucking mad, no one cares if you’re a single mom and your child isn’t special just because you say they are, you have to pay full price with coupons being the only exception. Also the poster isn’t safe either, they should be fired for accepting a single dollar because they felt bad

  2. In the second story the mom isn’t really at fault. She was asleep and she did paid her a 40 dollars bonus. If she heard her friends she would probably have defended te babysitter

  3. Funny i have a story, ok ok so, i was at my bfs house to spend the weekend, and at the time, my "cousin" (we arent related, but shes been around for so long shes now considered familiy) comes over, to my house ( im not at home, parents are there yada yada) and one night i get a call. She doesn't even say hi, but goes: how do you set up your xbox?
    I was confused, because my xbox is always in my room, ever since i got a new tv it hasnt been in the living room. She goes on about how she rented a movie and that she heard me say something about being able to play movies on it, so she decided, without asking, to take my xbox. I told her that i didn't have an issue with her borrowing it, but i did have an issue with the fact that she didnt bother to ask, her excuse was:"i thought it was ok" i let her use it because i didnt feel like fighting. cut to coming home, as per usual, i set my stuff down and see that my xbox was still in the living room.
    I take it back to my room where it belonged and i noticed something was missing. My 1 terabyte game drive (with games on it) was not plugged in like it should be.
    SHE UNPLUGGED THAT BITCH. i was livid because of course i knew she didnt have the mind to remove the GD Safely, and couldve easily fucked up my shit (i mean, she didn't even know how to use the controller, so yea…) im grateful my shit is still intact, but i know she ain't using my stuff again…

  4. I don't think the first story is real. Pretty sure there's no rule saying that an adult cannot bring their child into an R-rated movie. My mom took me to go see Queen of the Damned in theaters when I was 3 and my dad took me to go see Land of the Dead when I was 5. You have to be 18 to buy a ticket for an R-rated movie you can be any age to see one however as long as you are with an adult.

  5. I love situations when I'm the one being offended rudely when I didn't do anything because I always burst and roast the living fuck out of anyone arguing with me even if it was a total stranger

  6. Its parents like the xbox stealing one that make me internally scream anytime I bring my switch with me to a public area (Usually so me and my siblings have something to pass the time)

  7. Yes, I realize there are some editing glitches where the audio has repeated itself. I have tried multiple times to fix it through youtube's editor and it appears as though I may have made it worse. Sorry, this one's just gonna be stuck in fucked land.


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