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PS4 Gamers VS Xbox One Gamers.


PS4 Gamers VS Xbox One Gamers.


  1. Okay thats it this is triggering me. Can all you PS4 scumbags stop saying lIkE fOr Ps4, CoMMent FoR xBoX. Like how much you wanna bet if it was reversed, xbox would have more likes.

  2. Listen dumbasses, Xbox One X is more powerful than Playstation 4 Pro, that's not an opinion if you want I can cite my sources. Ps4 Pro has better exclusives. Xbox has better ways to play older games. Controllers are subjective, but I prefer Xbox, it just is better for my type of games, you know? How about we have actual discussions instead of mindlessly spouting bullshit. This is what makes console gamers look bad and not Pc, because they aren't constantly arguing amongst themselves.


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