Home Xbox I purchased an Xbox 360 in 2019… THIS IS WHAT I GOT!.

I purchased an Xbox 360 in 2019… THIS IS WHAT I GOT!.


I purchased an Xbox 360 in 2019… THIS IS WHAT I GOT!.


  1. I just bought one as well on Ebay its an Rgh/jtag with color led dont plan on modding on games but its there in case i do in the future to mod online the power button is red too my favorite color when it comes to modding the xbox 360 might change the color of the led strips soon

  2. I was buying a second xbox 360 slim because my drive was broken could play download games or watch dvd but can't read cd games it's saying restart console or clean cd but i did both nothing happen and i open the xbox i was cleaning it the console is from 2012 so old an i thought yes it's normal too old console R.I.P and i just bought a new console for 38€

  3. Hack these Console than you can play everything Free any games very easy to hacked your console xbox360 its good play xbox360 o ps3 if hacked … not good play in 2019 because no game disc have

  4. How do you fix the loud buzzing sound, I still have mine since the day I was able to hold a controller and I fear for my consoles age, I've always took care of my console as if it were my child and I'm not sure when it started but, I'm looking to growing old with this console and litteraly take it with me to the grave. It has shaped my life in a huge way

  5. I bought one too to RGH it 😛 Since I had to open it up I gave it a good clean inside and out and it looks brand new now. Mine the matt version not the glossy one though.

  6. Hey watch alot of your videos and I'm a big fan but like every youtuber always talk to much shit and messing about instead of getting on with the point of the video

  7. You were absolutely robbed. I paid 50 for an xbox 1 in better condition than that. You can pick up a 360 from 20-30. I actually brought my first 360 in about 2006 for 50 PMSL

  8. please stop this trend like 360 its a n64 or an atari 2600.. its not something retro or that old..millions of people stil play it.. considering the last model came out with the xbox one launch

  9. That ain't no crack it's part of the design you need glasses mate it's on both sides if u think that's loud your lucky you didn't get the white one they sound like a lawn mower


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