Home Xbox HUGE Xbox 2 Leak | Code Name Arcturus12 GPU ‘Coming To Xbox Two’ | Big News For Xbox 2020?.

HUGE Xbox 2 Leak | Code Name Arcturus12 GPU ‘Coming To Xbox Two’ | Big News For Xbox 2020?.


HUGE Xbox 2 Leak | Code Name Arcturus12 GPU ‘Coming To Xbox Two’ | Big News For Xbox 2020?.


  1. All Microsoft has to do into order to take down Sony's PS5 Next-Gen (Besides what they are already prepping for) is make ALL Rpg's from their First Party Studios CONSOLE exclusive. NO Playstation Fanboy will pass up Fable 4, and they WILL buy a Xbox just to play it,if they are forced with no other option. Cruel? Naah! Seems fair to me 🙂

  2. i honestly think everyone is gonna be disappointed when MS & Sony Release the specs. both will most likely run the same CPU. Honestly even if they both got a Ryzen 2400G equivalent CPU with the GPU they have now, that would be a massive step forward to what is out now. You have to also take into account the thermals, noise, power usage. You wont get a £1500 PC into a small box selling for £500-600. its not possible, of course anything can change in 2 years time, but certainly not what you lot are saying in the comments.

  3. Another great video bro, as always… I love the run up to a new console.. so many wondering what the specs will be and so many.. Hmm Hmm leaks lol..But it will be a fun time with all the speculation going around.. But as always i will say you predict close most of the time…That's why i come here everyday to see whats going… Keep it up man… It's much appreciated..

  4. Even with pathetically weak CPU's, my Scorpio has been a fantastic console that literally pounds my PS4 Pro into the ground. If they kept the One X hardware but replaced the cpu with Ryzen cores, this new X would have been a beast to developers. So, any extra improvements to next generation from both Sony and MS will be impressive stuff.

  5. Don't forget ddr6 ram is faster as ddr5 ram so it is posebole that ddr6 ram may out preform a higher number of ddr5 ram even do the amound of gb is lower
    But lets just wait and see it's also very unlikely that a console wil use the newst hardware on the market wen we look at the past genrasions

  6. this is a load of trash as nobody actually knows what is going on with the next gen of consoles but im sure they will keep up there 4k 30 hz . PANTS lol

  7. I got an xbox one x a week ago today and its been the most disappointing thing ive ever bought, i never see any difference in anything but the shadow's in the night races on horizon 4. My live has been down since Tuesday and today i bought the cheapest 4k tv i could because it was on offer but after i booted the xbox up, now the fan is making electrical noises so load i cant ignore it. Im a grown man but ive been crying my eyes out i just feel robbed, ive paid nearly £1000 for tv and xbox x. I work hard, i bought it to keep my mind from suicidal thoughts but its made everything worse. Im in tears of anger right now

  8. The Anaconda would easily have 22GB dev kit this dev kit you show is 100% anaconda as you likely dealing with GDDR6 memory that would give the Anaconda 11GB of GDDR6 memory for a speed of 616GB/s this is the exact same the RTX 2080ti has. Lockhart could have 12GB of GDDR5 resulting in a memory speed of 326.4GB/s the same memory the Xbox One X has. I would not be surprised if Anaconda is 11GB GDDR6 and Lockhart is 12GB GDDR5. If the Lockhart uses GDDR6 it needs approx 8GB to get 448 GB/s which is faster than the Xbox One X and is the same memory speed an RTX 2080 has.

  9. Xbox is a dust box 📦 in my room, NO GAMES, rather play them on PC, and Sony Exclusives, so tell me why AGAIN should anyone buy a Shit Box 📦???, aka Xbox aka X Twat???, but seriously Xbox has no place in the console space anymore, dose not matter how powerful the. next Xbox is, My PC is way more powerful than any Shit Box 📦, So Stick with SONY and PC and Your good to go

  10. Not real at all.
    PS5 leaks said 8 cores no SMT. May be but could be 4 cores 8 threads to save power etc…
    Arcturus is not an option. Navi has not launched yet because of troubles and they had to re-tape which slowed production. That means Arcturus is no where remotely ready for a 2020 launch.
    Memory in a dev kit means nothing. The dev kit is an emulator software on a PC. The memory allowance can be set in the program and does not reflect the amount the end product contains.But we do know that memory comes in 4 GB blocks in most cases. Yes, Nvidia does offer 3 GB But AMD, which makes the system, sticks to industry standard. You get 4,8,16,32 and so on. This is what makes me think it is a fraud or software limitation. But there is "Physical memory", "Available physical memory", "Total virtual memory" and available "virtual memory". So who knows.

    Just don't hype this like Xbox X was. Set the bar low and hope you are pleasantly surprised. Last time you aimed way to high and came down like a brick in free fall.

  11. Why buy Xbox 'Lockhart' (entry model Xbox 2) over something like Xbox One X?
    Price and balance. Better system over all. Faster RAM, way better CPU. More advanced graphics features can be used. 60fps games will become much more common, not to mention faster load times across the board (UI included). All for less money ($250/$300 according to 'leaks')


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