Home Xbox Crackdown 3 Review Impressions | Critics Crush Crackdown 3 Gameplay And Wrecking Zone On Xbox One.

Crackdown 3 Review Impressions | Critics Crush Crackdown 3 Gameplay And Wrecking Zone On Xbox One.


Crackdown 3 Review Impressions | Critics Crush Crackdown 3 Gameplay And Wrecking Zone On Xbox One.


  1. I can look past many things, but building destruction not causing damage to players? Seems so obvious for a game supposedly designed from the ground up with destruction in mind. Jumping around trying to break line of sight while locked in auto-aim really does seem like something that will get boring after a couple of hours without crumbling buildings on top of people.

  2. I don't have a problem with the visuals, it looks who I'd want a crackdown game to be.

    Multiplayer – honestly I couldn't care less.

    Single player campaign, was very dull in the original, but fun gameplay. From what I've seen, nothing has changed. It's still the same boring missions, with fun gameplay.

  3. These reviewers need to be fired and there should be more rules applied to making these reviewes, all this crap is paid off now you never know how good a game is unleas you actually play it and see players opinions, the reviewers arent even real gamers most of the time

  4. I saw gameplay of the campaign and it looked fun to me. I play games not for artstyle or graphics but fun factor. This game does not look like Anthem but it is not meant to have a realistic looking artstyle. It looks good at 4K on Xbox One X. Only thing dissapointing for me is that this game only runs at 30 fps. This kind of a game needs to be 60 fps

  5. I do not hate Xbox on the contrary I want for it to be successful. But honestly I have a feeling this game is going to be a major disappointment. The game has been delayed too many times and was announced with the release of Xbox one. Is like xbox don't know what to do with the game.

  6. I'm a PlayStation 4 user I don't know why people are hating on this game, if you have fun don't worry about what they say, fuck them just have fun and enjoy your game.

  7. I don't understand. I'm a PS fan but I also own an x and to be perfectly honest Crackdown 3 looks actually pretty good IMO.
    What I'm getting from all of those popular gaming sites is the need of attention and trying to be popular by just hating on everything Microsoft does. This game looks like a lot of fun and the new cloud computing assisted destruction tech is very interesting. I think I'm going to be buying this game day one.😀

  8. Lots of damage control going on here. Please. If this game had come out at the start of the generation, it might have been looked upon more favourably. But, it has come out in the twilight of this generation, after a protracted development period where for some time, it was bordering on vapourware. Unfortunately for XBOX, Sony has set the standard for first party content, and that is the lens that ever first party title from Microsoft will be viewed through. Instead of defending this garbage, you should be critical, and avoid purchasing. It is the only means that you have to force change. Blindly buying this game out of some kind of misguided allegiance only lets Microsoft off the hook. Demand better.

  9. I think the guy nailed it when talking about the visuals being the same as the original. I understand it's going to have the same style, but there is something very generic about its presentation. The city seems very copy and paste buildings and mindless people running in circles. The explosions look underwhelming along with all the destruction. With the power we have in this generation, it's not very impressive. The game Ashen had the same sort of not realistic cartoonish style and still looks amazing. The style isn't the issue, it's the implementation. Looks like the same engine is in use from the original.

  10. Playing on game pass day one, want a new Crackdown game but I also want a better game than the prior entries. OG Crackdown was less than perfect but still fun 10 years later I'd some aspects to better or improved and not just the same as before, especially after years of delays.

  11. Even as a fan of Xbox games I honestly I cannot say that this game looks appealing to me. It looks absolutely dull, muted, and honestly, boring. They need stronger color, more lights, shadows, and reflections. As much as I love my Xbox one X, the next generation is something I am looking forward to, as Microsoft has gotten its ass kicked this gen by the competition. Fable 4 can't come soon enough. This is going to be yet another 6/10 game from MS 🙁

  12. I refuse to believe anyone didn't see this coming. The game's looked boring and bland each stage of its development journey. crackdown was a passable title at a time when open world was still a novelty and now gta 4 existed. crackdown 2 was awful. end of. Its never been a premium franchise and clearly MS has done nothing to update it in an era where games have moved on hugely.


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