Home Xbox [4K] Anthem Console First Look: Xbox One X/ PS4 Pro Head-To-Head!.

[4K] Anthem Console First Look: Xbox One X/ PS4 Pro Head-To-Head!.


[4K] Anthem Console First Look: Xbox One X/ PS4 Pro Head-To-Head!.


  1. Played the demo on the one X and immediately noticed the performance issues in the Hub area. And this is coming from a guy who isn't even a stickler for framerate. It's really not good enough. Also the visuals arnt anywhere near as fancy as that initial vertical slice reveal. The game world just isn't particularly interesting either, the jungle feels rather bland. I'm giving this one a miss.

  2. Do you guys think the game is just unoptimized right now for the xbox one x? Or do you think this is just how it is? Im sure you cant answer it until the full game releases but.

  3. The Pro delivering higher performance than the X is surprising! Especially when you consider the X is a step up in hardware from the Pro.

    However, this is most likely a tell tale sign of poor optimization, these consoles and the PCs playing this game right now are more than capable of delivering higher performance, and I'm not a developer, but this just feels like awful optimization from Bioware.

  4. I had the realization the other day that this game is just warframe with less levels, 30 or so less "javelins", hundreds of less weapons, build customizations, and aesthetic items, all the while costing $65 more and on a presumably slower update cycle.

    I wish Bioware just stuck with KoToR and dragon age sequels.

  5. 900p/20-30fps – Xbox One S

    4K/25-30fps – Xbox One X

    1080p/~30fps – PS4

    1800p/~30fps OR 1080p lock/35fps+ – PS4 Pro

    1080p/60fps impossible on RX 580/GTX 1060 regardless of settings.

    1080p/60fps at Ultra most consistent with Vega 56, though still drops at times.

    4K/60fps impossible on RTX 2080 Ti, closer to 45fps.

    How is it stunning? Looks like shit compared to the reveal gameplay, which did not look mindblowing to begin with, it was pretty much SWBF2 visuals in an open world.

  6. Please do a PS4 vs Xbox One S, I found the performance on the Xbox One S very bad. Would like to see some more clarity and input on the performance from you guys!

  7. I replayed the game 2 day and it was a much more stable frame and my expirience was much better,bioware did something on xbox1x and l realy enjoyed a few h l have been playing it,as soon as l finished l was drawenn back to play it again.Anthem gives me a type of adrenaline adiction wich l enjoy very much just hope that the story will be interesting enough .

  8. cDas macht Hoffnung für den 22. Februar, wenn "Anthem" für PC, PS4 und Xbox One erscheint. Für die zweite Demo vom 1. bis 3. Februar müssen wir aber leider noch einmal mit dem mittelmäßigen Demo-Build vorlieb nehmen – auch, wenn BioWare ein paar Verbesserungen bereits versprochen hat.

  9. I have a xbox one x and recently just bought a ps4 pro was sick of playstation having all the awesome games and the xbox really getting nothing or even to look forward to. the xbox definitely has the better menu though but thats it

  10. You morons know these games are still designed to run on the base consoles right? You see how impressive a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 looked on the X right? That game was still built to play on the base consoles. So if Red Dead 2 was built from the ground up to run on the X or even Pro it would look much better. The same thing as this game Athem. The developers can't spend all of their time optimizing this game for the Pro, X, or even the PC for you PC Master Race virgins out there. This game still had to run on the weak base consoles.


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