Home PlayStation Sony Patent for Backwards Compatibility! Could PS5 play EVERY PlayStation?.

Sony Patent for Backwards Compatibility! Could PS5 play EVERY PlayStation?.


Sony Patent for Backwards Compatibility! Could PS5 play EVERY PlayStation?.


  1. it should do! with the advancements in computer technology it would be so easy for them to make it fully back compatable with all original sony games ever made. id buy a console if it only had every old game available to play on it and never had any new games made for it. the old games were the best. graphics dont make a game good.

  2. I'd buy if I could play my digital PS1 games I have on PS3!

    Until then I'll be building up my 695+ game library from every Xbox console.



    I don't bay it if dont! BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY WITH PS3, PS2 and Ps1 is awesome, but not as importent as with PS4 games!

  4. Why would the do this ? They would lose so much money and developers with all the bulshit 'remasters' of the previous gen that people rebuy again and again. With this backwards compatibility, they market for that would drop.

    And if this were true , don't expect EVERY game to run smooth. Look at the ps1 mini classic . Worst emulation ever !

  5. By emulations, the PS5 should be able to emulate the PS1, 2 and 3 and PS4 shouldn't be an issue for having backwards compatablity natively.

    But this is Sony we are talking about, allowing gamers to play older games without paying for them could mean less sales for newer games.

    Now if this was Microsoft, it would be more likely to happen, Sony on the other hand, they could of done it along time ago but choose not too, in fact, a little hint that they don't want too is that they are selling PS1 and PS2 games on the PS4 store.

    So don't get your hopes up guys and truth is, if you really want to play games from the past, the PC is really the best option for that.

  6. that's what I'm saying PS 5 should be fully backwards compatible with all PS 1234 games and along with being able to play 4k blu rays Blu rays DVDS and cds this would be great for Sony and would please a lot of fans

  7. 2:09 No. It exactly refers to hardware simulation. NOT software emulation. 2:30 And this is neither. This is hardware simulation. Something between SoC and software emulation. 9:13 No. PS3 wouldn't be too complicated to emulate on modern Ryzen CPU which PS5 most likely has and especially not for hardware simulation.

  8. Honestly, considering PS5 is expected to be on a similar hardware platform to PS4 it shouldn't be hard to make it work with PS4 titles. As for PS3 and back, they could make a dongle or a module that allows it to play PS3/PS2 titles. So who needs that can pay a bit more and get the feature.

  9. debería de hacer para el ps5 un video juego de guerra que venga con armas láser que tengan balas explosivas y destrocen alos alien un arma especial para ese juego creado

  10. I know that the same people who say "Enjoy your old games xbox fanboys, you bought a new console to play old games, who cares about old games" may not be the same people on this video but there seems to be hypocrisy because I remember being so happy when Xbox got BC which I value more than exclusives cause my favorite series and games were in the 360 era but every playstation comment just said it didn't matter but now its announced for PS5 and all of a sudden it's gonna be "console of the century" if it has this feature ?

    There's just hypocrisy in the community, I hope people stop fanboying and contradicting themselves each console has there strength suit.

    Also Sony can't completely patent backwards compatability, all next gen consoles are gonna have it from now on. Maybe not every single PS1 game and ect will be but all your PS4 and Xbox One games are definetly gonna be playable on next generation.

  11. I would pay more for a PlayStation that can play all PlayStation games. I still play older games from time to time. I really hope PS5 does play all older games. They need to go back to the original idea of PlayStation which is where newer versions are supposed to play all older previous games. That's what the original idea is all about. It's aggravating to see they went away from that.


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