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‘PlayStation Switch’ | Will it happen?.


‘PlayStation Switch’ | Will it happen?.


  1. How about a handheld device with ps4 capabilities that can connect to a dock that upscales the game to ps5 level of quality. Would put some extra burden on developers but it could work.

  2. Nice video. It's possible for Sony to make a new handheld system. Smartphones today have internal memory of up to 1TB.
    It can be a PS4 portable digital-only device that can play all PS4 games. They could launch it near the end of the PS4 cycle to lessen the fuss of like its possible disadvantages, etc.

  3. A Playstation Portable could be a good idea but if they make the same mistakes of PSP Vita it will be a failure,I hope Playstation had learned with their mistakes,for example,the exclusive memory card for their console was a big mistake,it was more expensive than a regular memory card and did not worth it,if well made a portable console has potencial to grow in the market because we don't have a lot of portable consoles the only one strong is Nintendo Switch,so, the possibility to play PS4 or PS5 games in a portable console is,actually,something that we want it's obvious that people like portable consoles we can see the success that Switch has,even knowing that's less powerful than Playstation or Xbox

  4. Sony needs to release a PS5 with a Handheld sold separately that just mirrors the PS5 Console wirelessly over your home network and what I can assume the 5G network. Why have dumbed down handheld versions of older games when the unit can just get the signal from the PS5 console at home. Especially when an IPhone 8 is faster than a PS4. This way people will buy both rather than just choose one. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. I say Sony next PSP, should run the games 900p, but display 1080p. But the display should be OLED or MicroLED with Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision (10bit or 12bit display) will help games pop more, with not needing high resolution. Plus, the screen size (if stay the same) is 5 inches, so if the resolution is 900p, then it have 367 Pixel Per Inch (PPI). This and, the display should have 60HZ refresh rate. Another reason it shouldn't run games on 1080p, because its will tank the batteries, and 440.6 PPI is a bit overkill. Yes, I know its not, because you going to compare it with phone that run 1440p or 4k. However, phone APPS aren't anything really graphic demanding compare to Handheld Console games. The next big thing is the batteries, and currently the batteries capacity and technology hasn't improvement much. Hopefully graphene batteries will come out soon. And the most important thing is for Sony to make sure that they don't use the memory card proprietary. Oh yeah, Sony should advertise and support the new PSP properly. Because Sony drop the Vita way too quick. The Vita could of sold probably 20 million units, if they release more AAA games.

  6. a12 bionic is nowhere near as powerful as ps4 apu when it comes to graphics. Its true the cpu in the ps4 is a very old architecture but will still beat the a12 in raw power when given the thermal and power envelope a high power plug in device is allowed. Amds new apus use ryzen based cpus and vega based gpu components, the a12 bionic is good for running on a piss poor battery but compared to what is available for next gen games consoles with 300-350 watt power supplies and the huge heatsink fan combos in modern consoles it is like a water pistol vs a shotgun- no comparison, not a fair fight. Desktop hardware wins every time when comparing the best full power chips to mobile chips from the same year and lithography (ie 7 nm which is what the next gen consoles will be)

  7. OMG dont you see how complicated will be to realase GOW on switch thoose games are mostly drew thats why on switch are not games that want to be with most realistict graphics because its so small so you cant get everyting in little tablet


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