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PlayStation Plus Monthly Games – February 2019.


PlayStation Plus Monthly Games – February 2019.


  1. I don't care I haven't even watched the video because even though I have both a ps4 and xbox one and the free games are better I would rather pay for my Xbox gold subscription…..at least if I don't pay my membership fee I get to keep and play the free games I own

  2. Magnificent! Best one since Snake turned up! For Honour should be much improved from demo I played but Hitman is the treat!!
    I've nearly bought that so many times but hated episodic releases . I was late convert after it's ps3 reboot. I'd got stuck on original version early on, got frustrated (I'd got a batch of 10 games and, as stealth isn't my thing, it was left untouched.) and I'd never tries it again. Only being lent a game I'd bought my bro in law turned me around. I'm so glad. One of few games where multiple playthroughs are brilliant. Just borrowed VR set too, EPIC!
    But which are the good VR games we've had free recently?

  3. I love for honor diamond rank on xbox glad to see it come to ps for free it's a beautiful game that has never really made a big hit in terms of popularity yet continues to stay steadily quite alive


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