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PlayStation Classic Review.


PlayStation Classic Review.


  1. Well seems wait for the PS 2 classic .Like comes to the day of buying ,Since that is my first real console. that played ,Or go purchase the Super N.E.S ,In which never owned but friends that did ! and the PS 2 had a great series. of games ,From way back in the day .

  2. The only reason I bought one is in hopes one day in the near future, this thing will one day be sought out by collectors, and since no one wants one now, they'd be hard to get a hold of and be worth alot later on,

  3. Well I'm guessing there won't be a ps2 classic cause the bad reviews this one is getting. I don't care about ps1 cause i owned a 64. But I'll buy a ps2 classic in a heartbeat as long as atv offroad fury was on it. Hopefully they will still make a ps2 classic. They can learn from the mistakes on this console and make the next one better


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