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PlayStation 4 Pro Review.


PlayStation 4 Pro Review.


  1. I just got a 4K TV and was thinking about an upgrade to Pro if I could find one, but the fact that it cant play 4K Blu Rays is a easy decision for me to pass and wait for PS5, I doubt the quality is that big of a difference anyway.

  2. I've had my PS4 for about 4-5 years now. Does anyone feel like I should upgrade to a Pro, even though I don't have a 4K TV? I've been thinking about it for a while now, but would like some opinions.

  3. Right now i dont have 4k tv , do i need ps4 pro or slim i need a simple answer , i won't care about graphics and performance but only thing im always concerned about is future proof.

  4. PS4 Pro has 4.2 teraflops 4K graphics and 30 FPS no 4K movies Xbox One X has 6.0 teraflops 4K graphics 60FPS with 4K blu Ray you choose pro is 400$ one X is 500$

  5. I don't need to upgrade to the PS4 Pro. Next generation PS is coming in a year or two. I'm mainly a PC gamer. Only reason I have a PS4 is because of their exclusives.

  6. The Xbox one X is the best system out! Go to Best Buy and get a Xbox one X and a 55" Samsung Q8F and you will be a boss, the man, the king! Just do it!!! Get in your car right now and go!!!!

  7. Pro…Badly Designed, Poor Controllers, No Blu Ray Player. Regular software Errors. I have an XBOX ONE S also love the white design & Great Controller & A Blu Ray Player but no VR. You can’t have everything I suppose…

  8. Those of U who purchased a Play Station 4 Prow & expect it to work with your home theatre, forget it! These consoles are not compatible with your Audio Video Receiver & according to their technical Rep. were never tested with any Av. Receivers. My Case # 31137392.


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