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Is PlayStation VR Worth It?.


Is PlayStation VR Worth It?.


  1. Does anyone know if you need a PlayStation to use this? (That might be a dumb question but I don’t want to get it and then have to but a whole console) (also what screen is it using? Do you need your phone to download stuff? I’m new to this sorry 😬)

  2. Oh fuck I just realized something. Okay so I’m wanting the VR because it’s lit af. I looked into the oculus but you have to have a PC I don’t have one but I am buying a PS4 at the beginning of feb 3 if I’m right. I just realized though ps4 has VR!! Lit af

    Im so hyped now…but I’ve gotta save up again lol 😂 maybe in another 3 years…I’m buying a PS4 but I still need to pay my mom for my iPad…600$ fml I need a job for real doe…

  3. I got my psvr basically when it came out and I’m just gonna say it I had the best time back then and it has only gotten better but if your gonna get it get the deal that comes with the move controllers otherwise your gonna be spending an extra 50 or possibly 100 extra dollars but other then that I would really recommend to get this but 1 thing that is extremely important keep the cloths that come with the box you need to wipe the lenses after use because when you put them back on later you won’t be able to see until you wipe the lenses

  4. The first game I ever played on a gaming platform was Resident Evil Vll VR on the Sony system. Very sharp graphics, very scary, for me, anyway. I have also played Farpoint, Robinson and a few others. Great fun. Some people get dizzy and fall over.

  5. Tbh, now that we're in 2019, the PSVR Headset has come a long way, the price for it did go down as well. The motion controllers are still weird to handle, but the aim controller does very well. As a current PSVR Headset owner, this is still the best compact Headset you can own.

  6. Can't wait pach that makes all fps games playable with vr! Thats possibe if they use vr as head movement aim (as body movement ) is still under right stick and movement on left stick ( legs )… thats not that hard god damn !


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