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Introducing PlayStation Classic.


Introducing PlayStation Classic.


  1. The rating depends on how many most popular video games for a video game console are in the classic edition console.
    Nintendo Entertainment System: Classic Edition=6/10
    Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Classic Edition=7/10
    PlayStation Classic Edition=2/10

  2. The PlayStation 1 original played ps1 games, music cd's it was awesome. PlayStation 2 came out it played ps2 games, ps1 games, music cd's, and dvds also awesome. Then the PlayStation 3 came out its played ps1, ps2, ps3 games. As well as music cd's and movies. So at that time ps3 was the ultimate backwards compatible console. Most people chimed in, including me. Seems like Sony was on the right track. But then it all change, ps3 slim came out no longer backwards compatible. Instead if we wanted to play classic titles,(assuming most of us at the time owned slim ps3's) we had to rebuy games we already own. Then the ps4 came out. If you're like me a nostalgia game nut like myself, we had to subscribe to psnow that streams classic games we already own. Since I'm not living the luxury life like some players that have A-1 internet, psnow isn't an option for me. Since Sony's not looking at backwards compatibility, here's the PlayStation classic. After watching this informative video, I ask this simple question…………..WHY?

  3. What a POS! its worse than the ORIGINAL from 1995! games run slower and have worse sound and graphics! why? If sony did this with some kind of passion, they could release next year a PSOne Classic DualShock edition, with PSOne looks, 2 DualShock pads, hardware to run games on Beetle PSX maxout at 4K with SDcard support, ALL Sony games, wi-fi connection to buy more games using our PSN account and play PlayStation Link Cable supported games, THAT would honor their legacy and make things right, and not this sad cash grab.

  4. Me siento estafado por haberme emocionado cuando vi que salio y luego ver los titulos, aparte que por ser mas cara que la consola de Nintendo como mínimo debieron haber puesto mas juegos, y falto lo que deberia ser infaltable en la consola, Crash Bandicoot, la consola hubiese salvado con cualquier crash, incluso el CTR o el Bash, pero no los trajo, Sony me decepcionó bastante esta vez, que mal se siente ser fan de sus consolas aveces

  5. Sony. What were you thinking about this console? Why didn't you have Gran Turismo 1 and/or 2? Why not the Tomb Raiders series? Why not the Spryo series? Why not the Crash Bandicoot series? Why not your own proprietary emulator that works with these games? Why not a DualShock Controller? Why only 20 games? Why $100? Why not a better interface? WHY!??? WHY!!?? WHY!??

  6. Look, Sony… Just make it simple… B-A-C-K-W-A-R-D-S C-O-M-P-A-T-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y for Old Console Games. You did it with the PS2 back then why not with these monstrosities?

    If it has anything to do with the problems regarding the game copies… make an algorithm/system of some sorts so that pirated copies of old console games wont work on the new console or some sort…

    I'm just saying though… I am a long fan of the PlayStation… ever since PS1 up until now… its just that… sorry for the words though YOU ARE WASTING A LOT OF TIME AND RESOURCES for these things…

    Just give the fans what they want… and surely, they'll respond.


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