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Coming Attractions | PS4.


Coming Attractions | PS4.


  1. Looking forward to Ace Combat and Dreams, but… that's really about it here? Might grab DMC, but I kind of want to wait for an Xbox X to run that instead of praying that my gen1 PS4 will be ok with that game.
    For a vide meant to hype, I'm left feeling very confused about what to look forward to for 2019. Before, I thought it was just because I wasn't informed, but now that I am, I'm just kind of like ._.?

  2. This isn't a hattrick. It's the fourth year for Sony's great games parade. WTF is going on at Sony. They seem "focused and not finished" – Chris Hogan, Ramsey solutions –

  3. I love playstation more then my girlfriend <3 now i only need to figure out how to stick my weener in my playstation and i wont even need her


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