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7 Essential Things To Do In PlayStation VR – Right Now!.


7 Essential Things To Do In PlayStation VR – Right Now!.



    You have to promote it more with EVENTS!

    Take RIGS

    This game is amazing but didnt sell very good?! Why? Cause you missed the biggest chance in vr history to make it msports compatible

    no viewer mode?! What were they thinking…

    I bet my life- if you invest in a cgampionship and promote it this will be big

  2. I’ve never ever tried VR, and I’ve been watching a lot of PSVR Videos/games And seems like an awesome experience, can Anybody tell me if it’s worth buying for about 250-350$ ?

  3. On this vid you said that grand tourismo sport can be played online in vr this is incorrect. It can only be played in arcade mode.. time trail or 1 on 1 with ai. If I am wrong please tell me how to sort this lol

  4. Great video guys, I loved the content coupled with the fun you guys had! ‘I want one’ and your job 😉 I have great fun going to VR centres and playing the FPS… I do want to buy a setup but I’m holding off for the PS5… (I hope my patience and sacrifice now pays off in future gains and hours of epic fun) I look forward to your next video..!

  5. I don’t think designers for FPS games have taken the time to go to shooting range . It’s as if the shooter is left and right eye dominant And the shooter hold the gun like a an untrained gang member. The gun should should always be presented just below the line of sight of a dominant eye . There’s an idea gamers should be able to pick a left handed shooting position and a dominant eye . Game creators need shoot 500 rounds of live ammo and some one that knows the fundamentals of shooting a handgun or rifle And someone to observe and correct the bad shooting habits that IMO the creators have unknowingly coded into the game..

  6. Hello, I was little bit sceptical after trying out some games like skyrim – the graphic was so pathetic, that I thought immediatelly about selling this set. Also resident evil graphic is really weak, the march in the jungle was very dissapointing. But then, I started the Battlefront X-wing mission. BAM! That was mindblowing experience. I strongly recommed to try it, this is something really shocking and gives You an idea what VR is. Afterwards, You can only think what can happen in the future with next generastion of sony ps, and I am tempted also now to invest into PC solution to have better graphic, which is really dissapointing in PS4.


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