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$20 Playstation Hack Stick.


$20 Playstation Hack Stick.


  1. If theu really wanted it to sell they should have left it open to install games on there. Im sure people have ROMs (i do) and for those who dont $1 a game. Make money and let people play what they want. I still never beat legends of Dragoon (Drag on Dragoon) and would have enjoyed to play ot again.

  2. I wonder if there would be a way to load roms off a thumb drive in the second usb port now that there's access to the emulators menus 🤔

  3. Yea the only thing we need if for that adapter to download games that would the ps1 classic far more better than the snes and nes classic just because you could download any ps1 game

  4. LOL first thing I would've try is option lo Load CD image. You can see this option at 3:56 If it's possible to load other games that would be nice option to have

  5. Great video… I'm lucky I'm in a country uses PAL, so I remember the games in 50HZ.
    I picked up my ps classic for just over half the original price, just a nostalgia piece for me.


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