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Yoshi's Crafted World – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch).


Yoshi's Crafted World – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch).


  1. Another example of you guys overrating a game based on loving Nintendo. Comeon now… there is very little that is special about this game. You "liked it" because you love Nintendo. That is the only reason why. I love Nintendo also, but they need to step it up and make some better games.

  2. It seems unfair to criticise the game for repetition (Souvenirs) when that's clearly just an extra excuse to revisit the game down the line – especially if the souvenirs don't really offer anything other than that. Really enjoyed the review, regardless. Yoshi is my main dude! Looking forward to picking this up tonight! 😀

  3. Wow it doesn't come up in wolly world standard. I did not like that game so definitely skipping this, it just ain't for me. I feel I will enjoy this game only by watching others play because the visual are georgoues.

  4. I feel like I need to listen to the Woolly World track soundtrack again. A lot of people are saying they loved it but it didn't really leave much of an impact on me (apart from one of the secret levels which had awesome music). As I remember it, it felt a bit samey and too… soft? Like it didn't vary anywhere near as much as the original.

    I do want to pick this one up but perhaps I'll leave it for a while.

  5. Honestly, I would have just preferred a woolly word port. For one, there’s still no definitive version of woolly world! And two, I just prefer the overall gameplay and art style of woolly world. It’s just so cute!

  6. I already feared the soundtrack wouldn't be that good when I played the demo. Guess I was right which is a real shame.
    Maybe I'm gonna pick this up at some point but I think it's more likely I'll just replay Woolly World instead.

  7. I installed the demo and played it, it was ok but my little sister LOVED it. I'm thinking of buying it for her birthday (will be 7 in a month and a half) and when she's done with the game I would play it (never would buy it for myself). Do you think it would be good to buy it and would it be too hard for her to play? Any opinions welcome

  8. I haven’t heard your review for a while for some reasons I don’t know, Derrick!
    I remember you did for 2 Woolly Worlds back then as well XD

  9. Interesting. I've seen people say the soundtrack is the best part of the game, but some people seem to really hate it. I'm pretty sure it's a different composer than Woolly World, so I guess that explains it.

  10. I still clearly remember playing Yoshi's Island, maybe that's why this one doesn't excite me that much. It kind of set a standard that's hard to surpass imo. YCW is pretty though.

  11. The fact that the music isn't great is too bad but other than that I really enjoyed the demo. I played some of Woolly World so I can't fully say but this one seems like a step up from that game.


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