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Working at Nintendo of America – What’s it Like?.


Working at Nintendo of America – What’s it Like?.


  1. Given my experience working for Rare (who used to basically be owned by Nintendo) and Rockstar North, I can say this is pretty much par for the course, sadly.

    The last part is so true: You expect something kinda magical because games are magical, and all you really get is corporate and office politics and all the same meh you'd get at even the most boring and stuffy company.

    Reading about what it used to be like working for a company like Atari back in the day, now that is how I imagined it would be like working in the games industry. I wish it were still like that.

    PS. Making your own game, waaay harder than you imagine (although maybe not so much for you, Josh, because you actually have some amazing talent), and especially if you want to be anything other than a [totally never read] footnote in the history of gaming. 😮

  2. Cool video. I always wanted to know what it’s like working there. It seems rather interesting. While there are some naysayers, I think it all just comes down to taste and personal experience.

  3. Just being informational with this comment, Tokyo Disneyland is not controlled or owned by Disney, Tokyo Disneyland is owned by the Oriental Land Company. But the license Disney's IPs and contract their Imagineers.

  4. Why are these pictures of Trump not on the shelf nearby the trashcan where they belong?

    Big fan of yours and your content for a long time now, but wouldn’t you agree that political stuff (in general) doesn‘t belong anywhere near your Nintendo videos? It‘s so out of place

  5. That's absolutely disgusting, I always wanted a job at Nintendo, in fact I was just talking about it with my mom. After hearing that I don't think I want to work there anymore because it's the same stuff you deal with at school and honestly there's so many other game companies that make games I like and I'm sure they have slightly better work environments

  6. What's the point to have nintendo america at all? what do they do? I guess everything developed and summed up in japan. The only thing I can imagen is to do the warranty repairs. The same I feel about sony america. The first thing I would do is close them both. Is there a microsoft japan in this magnitude anyway?

  7. The 10 most common problems at Nintendo of America
    Note: These reviews are made by people very angry at Nintendo for their jobs or are just "thankful" for working there. So these stuff are mostly from people who had worked at Nintendo of America and disliked it/hated it.

    1. You can't "leveling up" & "climbing up" from you're current position. This is the most common thing mention in the reviews. 87 in 10 reviews mention this)

    2. A lot of hate from the tops. "You NEED to do this and say nothing else!!"

    3. Nintendo Japan is holding stuff back…mostly all the time

    Note: Other companies do this as well and it may be even be a good thing. (Disney…)

    4. Do not pay as well as Amazon, Microsoft or other Tech Companies.

    Note: There was people who said that the paid was good.

    5. Office Politics.Lower employees aren't accepted and there are very much "favorite" and "clicks". Project testers are bad handeld.

    6. A very nice building to work in. Tennis courts outside and a nice gym.

    7. There's a café called "Super Mario Café" and they are selling sushi on Tuesdays. Also, one person thinks it's too expensive.

    8. It's hard to get fired.

    9. There's some complaining about "outdated tools", like computers and mobiles.

    10. There's a shop there with good discounts on some games.

    11. People are feeling great because they are working at Nintendo.

  8. I liked this!! Josh, please keep doing your monthly teardowns of the eshop. I really love those. Also the eshop is so congested, it really highlights the quality problem on there. Also I find mobile games on there for 2-3 times as much as they cost on the app store (i.e., upcoming release "Pocket Academy" $5 iOS vs. $12 Switch.)
    The eshop makes the console look… cheap… but in an expensive way.

  9. I'm currently going to UW which Nintendo hires a lot out of, so I've considered it but the Seattle region has so many other tech companies that seem better so I'll probably avoid Nintendo.

    This is actually helpful, thanks!

  10. I believe as an employee u listen to the guy who's paying u and they know sometimes what's best for business if u don't like it well u either quit or just be happy that they hired u
    My opinion

  11. Probably terrible working it Nintendo of America. They say that, oh they'll sort out everything like they make the games and systems, WHEN THEY DON'T MAKE THE GAMES AND SYSTEMS! I bet all they do is put everything in English and…distribute it all around the world. Why does Nintendo of America even exist?

  12. We all know gaming a shit business dont hold back if you dont know this then you haven't read a lot of articles theres there's been many accounts of how hostile work place and unprofessional video game work places can be tech in general oh lets not forget about the hugest turd animation non union fuck shit


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