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Top 5 RAREST Nintendo DS Games! | Nintendrew.


Top 5 RAREST Nintendo DS Games! | Nintendrew.


  1. So… in Germany Pokémon Diamond and Pearl still costs around 60$ in my local electronic market (sorry for bad english, had bbq chicken wings)

  2. Hey I have a pice of very odd ps1 history I don't know anything about I was hopeing you could help me it's a disc unlike the other playstion games the back is silver like a normal disc and its all black with a PlayStation logo on it and in small words all around it it says playstaion not for sale. all rights resererved. unauthorized duplication is violation of applicable laws. for licensed broadcast use only.

  3. I have a new Nintendo 3ds xl. I love it. Im addicted to games with stealth 3d graphics games where I have to complete missions like splinter cell, James bond, metal gear, iron wars, Luigi mansion. are there any more games like that?

  4. Question tho, do you know about the game touch master? I have a working copy of it and keep trying to get some more info on the price of it to no luck. However I am fairly sure we got it at an EB Games in the early 2000's.

  5. sometimes i truly hate these videos not because they aren't entertaining or that i dislike the content creator, but because usually after videos like this a bunch of aspiring collectors start hunting down video feature titles and suddenly a game worth 80$ last year is worth 200 now.

  6. Iirc from other videos I have seen,what particulary bumps solatorobo´s us price up aswell is that it comes with the bonus mission pre installed-or at least something along those lines,you can´t get these bonus missions anyomre otherwise.
    I live in the eu,germany to be precise,and while the game is hard to find here too,I got it at gamestop for 10€,which was also the first time I even saw the game on any shelf since it´s initial release,I had been aware of the game for years,i just couldn´t find it.

    One fun time though:finding european copies of the world ends with you,especially in countries wasn´t actually sold in,this results in it being practically impossible to find the game anywhere below 45€.

  7. 3:20 “rounds that can last over an hour” my friends and I played over. 200 hours on ONE Dokapon Kingdom game. You gotta commit for the long haul, make in and out of game brides and deals. Dokapon is your life or bust

  8. and people called me stupid for paying one hundred Canadian dollars for a complete copy of Shepherds Crossing 2! Used complete copies have tripled since.

    Anyone need a copy? Haha

  9. aayy I have solatorobo in that cardboard box that came with the ost, i remember seeing it on the shelf of GS for months and months and it was the only coipy there, i finally decided to take a chance on it and grabbed it for 20 bucks, and Red Riding Hood BBQ from a khol's game section for 15. didnt think theyd ever be worth as much as they are lmao

  10. I was actually surprised neither of the two Game & Watch collections were on this list. I would think they were decently rare, because they were Club Nintendo exclusives.


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