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Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games.


Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games.


  1. Ha 😀

    Funny Smash Bros Ultimate, the best game with everyone in the game, top #3 ;D

    Watch Mojo please say me that is a joke, is a joke right? It need to be a JOKE >:V

  2. I only have 3 games (coz they all cost about £50) but my favourite is Zelda: Breath Of The Wild because it's just great
    And I've always been a massive Mario Kart fan
    And I really want smash bros

    Also BOTW should become an anime

  3. I don,t know how to make a list but my top ten are Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Tennis Aces, Super Mario Party, New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Sonic Mania and Fortnite

  4. My list
    10:opatct traveler
    9.hallow night
    8. Arms
    7. Pokemon let's go
    6. Mario kart 8 deluxe
    5. Zenoblade Chronicles 2
    4. Splatoon 2
    3. Super mario odyssey
    2. Super smash bros ultimate

    Honorable mentions: undertale, sonic mania, new super Mario bros deluxe, crash bandicoot the n'sane trilogy

    1. The Legend of zelda breath of the wild

    Coming soon that look promising
    -fire emblem 3 houses
    -metroid prime 4
    -bayonetta 3
    -yoshi's crafted world
    -final fantasy 7
    -Pokemon 2019
    -mortal kombat 11
    -crash team racing

    And maybe possibly persona 5 for joker being in smash

  5. Why is The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild listed at #1? For crying out loud, BOTW is not even close to genuinely being close to the best ZELDA GAME! There is no REAL progression and there's a lack of any items at all. I know why it's set up that way and I know YOU would argue "just because it's not what you wanted in the game does not make it bad" but there are TOO many sacrifices made to make up for the open world game.

    1. Copy and paste enemy design with less personality
    2. Immemorable weapons and items
    3. Immemorable and just bland boss fights
    4. The game ironically gets easier instead of more difficult
    5. The music just doesn't come in plenty as other Zelda titles
    6. Immemorable and bland dungeons (the shrines are actually good puzzles [a plus for shrines])
    7. DISAPPOINTING final boss
    8. The game starts off hard which is very good, but gets easier to the point of becoming literally immune to everything!

    Besides the negatives there are a lot of positives about the game, it's just the sacrifices made order to make an open world experience out balanced the positives. The aspects that made the 3D legend of Zelda amazing are just missing and feels watered down. It's the BEST open world game i've ever played. Yet I honestly don't believe with the list of flaws, that the Legend of Zelda BOTW should be known as the best Zelda game of all time. I also know this is the wrong "top 10 list" to name such a criticism, but it's really annoying when games like this are rated high because "WOW, IT'S AN OPEN WORLD ZELDA GAME". Then Youtube channels like this one contributes to the over praising of this game to the point of making it overrated! But the real reason this is #1 is because it's the popular thing to agree on. Bring genuine values to games! Heck have unpopular on opinions if the opinion team is for once being honest with themselves with these lists. Add something that makes you stand out from top 10 lists by giving genuine unpopular opinions with backed up reasons why.

  6. I wouldn't put breath of the wild at number 1 because it isn't the switch best game. It was on the wiiU so it is not as original as the games like mario odyssey. Because that wasn't a port from the wiiU

  7. For me it’s
    1. The legend of Zelda breath of the wild
    2. Super Mario odyssey
    3. Xenoblade chronicles 2
    4. Octopath travelers
    5. Splatoon 2
    6. Mario kart
    7. Fire emblem warriors
    And many more not yet out but I’m excited for then still


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