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The Sad Truth About Nintendo Switch Cartridges.


The Sad Truth About Nintendo Switch Cartridges.


  1. I like the cartridges. They are far more durable than discs, and mean that they can remove optical readers from the design, helping to reduce moving parts that can wear out or break.

  2. The switch is an awesome console. Are the ps4 and Xbox stronger? Yes, but that doesn’t automatically mean that they are better. I’ve had a switch since it came out, it’s an amazing console. First off, the graphics aren’t bad…if it’s a Nintendo exclusive you can be damn sure the graphics are actually quite charming and beautiful. Does call of duty on the switch look as good as call of duty on the ps4? Hell no, but I can barely tell the difference. You know what difference I can tell? How freaking convenient is it having a console turn portable. Not to mention the Nintendo exclusive games are FUN. Listen, I have a blast playing call of duty…but I ain’t gonna lie..sometimes it seems more like a stressful job than a game I’m suppose to be enjoying…it’s frustrating. I never had that feeling on a Nintendo game…even when losing..,I’m just simply having a great fun time. As far as the cartridges go…I don’t see the problem in saving space and memory ? Disks are old news, if someone says a disk is better…they have no idea what they are talking about. A cart is better in every aspect.

    Ps4 and Xbox are great, as well. I thoroughly enjoy them both, I just feel like…
    If your looking to stare at your screen all day and criticize and comment on the graphics and strength of the console….yeah, go ahead and get a ps4 or Xbox
    But if your more concerned with having a fun time, playing a great looking game on a system that you can literally take anywhere…we’ll, get a Nintendo.

  3. Perfectly fine that they're cartridges. Why would you put a disc in a handheld console? What was it? The PSVita? They did that. And it didn't turn out so well. Those discs broke pretty easily.

  4. If the Switch actually had enough exclusives (that I cared about) for me to get one, I'd already have on instead of just sticking with my Vita for my portable gaming needs…

  5. I call BS. A nand flash is a nand flash. Its just sticking the same components on a diff pcb. I doubt carts are much more expensive than normal sd cards to produce.

  6. I never will buy games digital anymore. You can see what happens with your digital games on wii now. All gone all the money I spent on digital wii shop games is gone forever.

  7. Nintendo doesn't allow retailers to sell their new games at lower than the capped minimum pricing. This isn't to help competition it's to drive it away and keep established retailers or Nintendo in power.

  8. I think at some point in the future physical copies will be treated like a deluxe edition. cartridge/disc and some extra digital content, maybe with some physical books, metal case etc. this might let digital to be sold for less price and physical for more. I bet most of the consumers buy digital anyway and physical buyers might be willing to pay extra for collectibles or booklets.

  9. Here are the actual reasons why Nintendo games are more expensive (pointed out by others here in the comment section):
    1.) Disc requires movement, and moving parts in a handheld is a big no-no (look at PS Vita).
    2.) Faster processing compared to discs due to not needing windup and maintaining a motion.
    3.) Nintendo isn't dependent on outside retailers like Sony with Blu-Ray for physical copies of games, they do their own thing (like with Gamecube's discs).
    4.) Cartridges are smaller, which makes it easier to manage with for space.
    5.) Cartridges are more durable than discs.
    6.) Adding to point 5, there is mention of "no data rot", meaning that the game won't be any harder to read and play in the long haul, while a disc can experience a minor scratch or two and mess a lot of stuff up, even when taken care of.
    7.) Cartridges have their own memory space unlike discs, which allow space for digital downloads or updates only.

    I could go on, but I won't… but I could.

  10. It's not as custom as you think it's a flash memory device made by either MX OKI OR SANDISK.

    It uses the same mmc standards to communicate though they obscured for security reasons.


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