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Super Nintendo – Hidden Gems.


Super Nintendo – Hidden Gems.


  1. Every game you put on this video has skyrocketed in price.

    was 35 dollars now its 100 dollars

    Space Megaforce
    was 55 now its 140

    was 20 now its 65

    Choplifter III
    was 7 now its 25

    Run Saber
    35 now its 70

    was 25 now its 50

    R-Type III
    45 now its 110

    Hagane was 280 now its 580

  2. This is why we cant buy retro games cheap anymore because nobbers like these two swallow them up into vast collections to sit on shelves and never be played.

  3. John Hancock’s taste in games is awful. Every video with him. “Yeah for hidden gem fighters I chose Rise of the Robots. It’s really cool. Great graphics. I was blown away when this game came out.”

  4. Uncharted Waters: New Horizons is one of my favorite games and i think its vastly under rated…
    Ive only met a few people ever (in my actual day to day life) that have ever played it. fantastic KOEI game.


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