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Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Arcade.


Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Arcade.


  1. give me a fucking break NYKO the ONLY reason we're taking this seriously is because Nintendo found a jackpot of 'maker faire' laser cutting concept to make dirt cheap accessories that are made of fucking CARD FUCKING BOARD. seriously!? LABO is novelty, this is PURE IDIOCY! you can get/build a dock out of particle board, plastic, masonite, etc. for DIRT CHEAP so why the hell would you want CARD. BOARD.? this is IDIOTIC and you KNOW IT. if the Labo never happened this would be LAUGHED OUT OF EXISTENCE. but here you are, making vids taking it seriously. #FFS

  2. Great production on this, however I wonder if others will agree with me on that it was a bit confusing in the way it was conveyed? The point of this video seems to be a product review/DIY tutorial, but read more like a documentary. Very confusing. Cool video nonetheless!

  3. wasn't a fan of the documentary style, wanted to see more of the actual product and gameplay, but still a good video. Man i wont even be surprised if someone came up with a vr labo


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