Home Nintendo Nintendo Switch Mini and NEW Nintendo Online in 2019?! | RGT 85.

Nintendo Switch Mini and NEW Nintendo Online in 2019?! | RGT 85.


Nintendo Switch Mini and NEW Nintendo Online in 2019?! | RGT 85.


  1. What do u guys think what will happen first , Nintendo starts lower costs on console and some games , or black ops 3 ends up costing less then the newest cod on steam ? Yes black ops 3 is 79.99 in 2019 meanwhile the newest cod on steam which is the one before black ops 4 , is like what 59.99 ? Yeah I know black ops 3 is lit but how is a older game more exspensive then a newer triple a game ? XD

  2. As I said one year before – Switch mini is a logical forecast and I'm pretty sure it would be sell like crazy if the price is right.

    And why so you wear a beanie all the time? Is it just for the videos because of… what?

  3. The best Switch design for me would be a clamshell one just like DS/3DS/2DS. I personally don't care about joycons, so being able to hook it up to the TV (new much smaller dock design) and play with a Pro controller and when away from TV playing just like 3DS.

  4. Naaaaaa / I’m staying with the 3DS for handheld 👀 for now / i haven’t seen anything raw from the Nintendo Switch 😩 👎 for me to buy it / sorry Nintendo fan boys / it looks like its Sony PS4 /all the way home 🏡

  5. Nintendo says they don't plan on releasing a Switch revision. What do you guys think? 🤔 I don't know if I should get a Switch now or wait til Summer. 🤔 But if theres a Switch Mini rumor, what are its other possible advantages besides being smaller?

  6. They should make basic online connectivity free but then have extra perks for a cost. I can hear people yelling at me for why that's a bad idea, but that's my opinion.

  7. Sony is coming with a beast of a console with the PS5, Microsoft with the Xbox 2 (Anaconda), and Nintendo with a Switch mini, what a joke. Nintendo give me a 1080p bezel less oled screen for the portable mode, a 1440p output for my tv and at least 128gb memory of space, and i will buy it. Please dont downgrade more your games visual and power.

  8. Switch with no dock and more power is more heat with no dock and is not a relevant product that size . and smaller cons is not happening for the newborn community . switch is perfect as is. Lol ill try to balance my switch between 2 books with no charge lol. ill leave my switch on table flat and watch heat go through screen and damage it. #glass cannon.

  9. Nope, it would be a terrible move, and making the online even more expensive, Is the exact opposite of what we want!! We want it to go back to being free!

  10. Nintendo is doing what blizzard did with wow immortal. I would rather have great storyline( not mario, or link, or ash, or any tired storyline) but great graphics on a non proprietary system(mostly) like the fu@king PlayStation4 or God forbid the Xbox one.

  11. Bad move Imo for them to make a cheaper made switch mini. I have never tried to source out any of their dumbed down system versions they release. The version 1 is always the best. Btw, it wouldn't be a switch if it just had only portable mode, it would have to be a new ds. I wouldn't pay Nintendo anymore money for their online, it is already enough money as it is.

  12. Switch Mini (handheld mode only) this April 2019 and Switch Plus (minor upgrade) next April 2020…after that Switch Pro (major upgrade) in April 2021 to compete with PS5 as a true 8 generation game console…Switch 2 can come in 2023/2024


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