Home Nintendo Nintendo Released Financial Numbers…And They Are Hard To Believe.

Nintendo Released Financial Numbers…And They Are Hard To Believe.


Nintendo Released Financial Numbers…And They Are Hard To Believe.


  1. Keen to see how New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe sales are – obviously it launched after Q3 so will have to wait a few months for that one… By that time Smash will most likely be the top selling game on the system I should think – only 3mil to go before it eclipses MK8D

  2. How many people like myself bought Pokemon Let’s Go, but have zero interest in a mainstream Pokemon Gen 8? That game brought me in with the retro style and casualness of it, but the mainline game will be potentially too intense for me

  3. They aren't hurting. They did a copy and paste of Mario Kart and sold like 14 million copies. No other company in the business enjoys such production cost to revenue ratios! Their profit margins are huge!

  4. not surprised they didn't reach 20 millions switch sold, 2018 was a pretty weak year in term of big exclusives. (I only bought smash and octopath traveler , and some indies/third parties)
    And I'm a pokemon fan , but I didn't care about let's go, that game is just too lazy. I hope GF won't think that they can make money with the least amount of effort…

    But when I see what's coming in 2019, they should keep their objectives at 20 miilion, animal crossing, fire emblem and pokemon have a huuuuge fanbase that maybe haven't picked a switch yet.

    Oh and Mario kart had been on sale multiple times that explain why (I bought mine for 40 dollar on e shop, I wasn't even interested in first place, but since all my friends had it.. it's a must have on switch)

  5. I ain't that big on shooters but the Switch's lack of those games keep it from moving way more hardware. Like it or not, there's always a big fps/tps community. I don't know what's wrong with Activision for not bringing a CoD game in yet over the Switch when they've done so on the WiiU, PSP, and DS. A Black Ops 2 or 3 definitive editions would truly sell as they would be the first true full blown multiplayer shooter experience on a handheld. (Without counting Splatoon or Doom's generic online play). There are hundreds and thousands of those craving to stack on kill streaks or plays zombies on the go. While Metroid Prime 4 is in development hell again, bring in other shooters to fill the void. Revive Medal of Honor or Mad World, port Dead Island, Dead Rising, and GTA 5 as definitive editions, heck even fallout 3, New Vegas, Bioshock, or Mass Effect Trilogy would do even if they're more actionRPG-esque. Same goes for fighting games. Smash is phenomenal and MK11 will be a hit, but there's no reason why Tekken, Soul Calibur, Marvel Vs Capcom, Fight Night, a not so broken WWE game, or Injustice aren't on the Switch yet. At least real racing games please, like maybe Need for Speed or Midnight Club? It's becoming saturated with platformers, RPGs, and indie games. I'm fine with that actually, but at least try to balance it out and broaden the genres. The system is powerful enough. I don't get how the WiiU which sold horribly has had a wider selection of games its first 2 and half years than the Switch which is more capable and is currently breaking console sales records. Step it up Nintendo..

  6. It's scary to think that Let's Go sold 10M. Because that means, as he said, if Let's Go were the "casual", "too easy", "not visually on par" Pokémon titles, then this year's titles that Gamefreak has been hyping up, will should do crazy numbers.

  7. Put Call of Duty madden and assassins creed on switch, mini switch cheaper, release another pokemon game, maybe time exclusive gta VI for switch, release more mario games, a new mario game we havent seen him in yet maybe playdough, paper mario, mario strikers or a mario hockey game a sunshine hd remake, and Animal Crossing and fingers crossed for F Zero


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