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Is Nintendo making this?.


Is Nintendo making this?.


  1. I think Nintendo is going to add Super Mario Bros 2 the Lost Levels to the NES emulator and add a mode in that game that allows multiplayer so the game can get use of the Nintendo switch online service

  2. bruh if we get gamecube emulator i’d love it since i dont have a gamecube, my brother did about 9 years ago but our dad sold it for drugs sadly, he says super mario sunshine is one of the best games ever so id love to play that, as well as smash melee because i only ever played brawl, smash 3ds, and smash ultimate. oh yeah and sonic adventure 1 and 2 even though i have it for the xbox one and xbox 360. i also really wanna try crash 4 wrath of cortex cuz my brother loved it.


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