Home Nintendo I Ordered USED Nintendo Switch Games From Gamestop… This Is What They Sent Me.

I Ordered USED Nintendo Switch Games From Gamestop… This Is What They Sent Me.


I Ordered USED Nintendo Switch Games From Gamestop… This Is What They Sent Me.


  1. I learned my lesson after I bought Bravely Second and Baten Kaitos 1 and 2. Bravely Second came in a black case, Baten Kaitos came in its original case (which is great), but Katen Kaitos Origins (2) came inside of the Baten Kaitos's case in an envelope and that really hurt me so much I felt it like a spear going through my heart.

  2. i'm sure one of the fans will send in a complete in box, mint copy of y's now… not to worry. as for gamestop… they have a lot of work to do if they wish to stay in business much longer.

  3. Gamestop is failing stocks are down to 11.24 per share lowest in 13 years so can understand why there failing they should have preowned grades like no original box slightly cheaper at least

  4. buying online used from game stop or eb games is a terrible idea. they purposely switch out crap game cases for good ones so they can ship you the crap ones and keep the good ones for in store use. makes it look nicer and more appealing in store. They also have tendencies to ship games that were just brought in without resurfacing them. so you may get a majorly scratched disc that they really shouldnt have accepted in store as a return or trade in etc

  5. Just bought a switch. Target had a deal where if you buy the console you get 50% off game then top off that with a target card for 5% of purchase u pretty much get a $20 game

  6. Hey dood love the channel. You've for sure convinced me on the switch but I do have a question.. if I buy a switch and then minecraft. Would I have to buy online to update it to bedrock edition? Or am I able to skip online and still play bedrock

  7. You gonna talk about wargroove? One of the best games I've played on the switch and has so much content. How is it only 20 bucks? Makes all these other $20 and even some $60 games look too pricey and just bad.

  8. And beatemups yes you can go in to trad out the cases if you want one with cover art and they have the cover art. Also call GameStop support to request refund on ur express shipping or go in and let them know you would like a refund😊

  9. I never buy stuff from EB Games (Australian arm of GameStop) because of all the crap they pull.
    The only places I tend to buy games from these days are JB Hi-Fi (they tend to have reasonable prices, possibly even sales at times plus they don't do anything nasty like try to force you you to buy extra crap) or directly from an online service like Gog or Steam.

  10. So… it didn't really work out the way I wanted. I can't recommend buying used Switch games from Gamestop's website unless you really don't care about the cases 😪 What do you guys think? Do you have any similar online buying experiences? THANKS FOR WATCHING YOU SEXY BEASTS!

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