About Wantare: Get to know us…

Welcome to Wantare.

If you have come this far, it is because you are interested in knowing more information about what we are doing, who are behind this project, where are we? Why do we do it? and how do we develop our work? Well, we are going to answer each one of these questions.

Wantare is the independent digital platform that will help you find all the technological resources you need to learn everything you want to know in different subject areas and knowledge.

We offer you the possibility to access great offers so that you can buy at the best price the products and services that interest you and you need with the biggest discounts in the market.

Using as our main criterion our vocation of wanting to help you and promoting a social community, our intention is to disseminate specialized and exclusive content for any topic or area of knowledge. All this through our platform and in video format. Being aware of the times that happen to us, whatever your condition, position and place of origin, you will be prepared to know the best tricks, secrets, guides and tutorials with interesting exclusive offers for you.

We will always be transparent with you, it is the minimum you deserve by trusting us daily, and as a thank you to that trust, we will be at your disposal to clarify any possible doubts that may arise regarding our work.

Anyone who visits the Wantare website can feel safe accessing this platform from any device. We take the security of each of our users very seriously when there is an exchange of information with personal or other data between the sending device and our receiving servers or vice versa.

In addition to complying with the corresponding law in force regarding data protection, we have the highest security measures in terms of technology. The established connection that will be produced between your computer or mobile device and the Wantare servers, is encrypted using an SSL security certificate with HTTP2 / SPDY protocols.

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